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YabbyYabbies – While yabbies provide a food source for fish in dams and ponds, there is a growing awareness of the table qualities of the yabbie itself. Yabbies are fine eating and a dam full of them will provide many delicious meals. Yabbies breed prolifically – a dam can reach full capacity very quickly if stocked with a few kilos of adults.

Yabbies are scavengers and eat almost anything. Most dams, even new ones, have some food for yabbies. There is no real advantage in adding supplementary food and there is always the risk that the uneaten food will result in pollution. Unlike fish, yabbies can leave the water and walk over land.

Water LilliesWater Lilies – These beautiful water plants offer food production and fish shelter areas in addition to enhancing your dam.

Water Lilies are suited to a wide range of climates. They all inhabit still water and most require full sunshine.

They are available during spring/summer.



Yellow IrisWater Iris – These plants are capable of growing in shallow water, very wet or waterlogged conditions.

Flowering takes place over November and December.




Fish Food

Fish Food –  Available in a variety of grades for the smallest of fish to the largest. Can be purchased in single kilo bags or bulk (20kg).




fishnet5Nets – Wide range of nets including dam nets, bait nets, yabbie nets, pond and aquarium nets.



Mesh –  Superior quality mesh for screening overflows and spillways.