Supply of Fingerlings

Whilst the hatchery endeavours to have year round supply of fingerlings, it should be noted that not all fish are available throughout the year i.e. a variety of different fish are available at different times.

As stock is limited and orders are supplied strictly in date sequence it is advisable to order early to avoid disappointment.  For further details regarding current stock and prices please contact us by phone, or send us an email.


As stocking rates depend on surface area not volume or depth, please have an estimate of your dam’s surface area available when ordering your fish.

Fish can either be collected from the hatchery or freighted to your location. Telephone advice will be given prior to despatching your order.


Finglerlings are packed in heavy duty plastic bags with clean water and pure oxygen, then packed into polystyrene boxes.

Purchasers are advised that any advice sought regarding your stocking requirements is available.